The Tempering of Men-Sarah Monette and Elizabeth Bear

The Tempering of Men

Sarah Monette and Elizabeth Bear

Tor, Aug 16, 2011, $25.99

ISBN: 9780765324702

In the tundra of Iskryne, the victory in the war with the trolls (see Companion to Wolves) leaves the wolfcarls and their trellwolves of Franangford struggling with what next now that there is peace in the northern region after endless combat.  The alliance with the Svartalfar seems unnecessary as their common enemy is vanquished. 

At the same time while debate about the peace dividend rings though Iskryne, rivalry for the soul of the Konigenwolf Viradechtis between two men she chose further adds tension.  However, a new threat arises from the south as the powerful human army of the Rhean Empire invades with a ruthlessness that even the trolls would have admired.  Only the heroes of the troll invasion, the wolfcarl and their trellwolves have a chance to repel the brutal warriors.

The Tempering of Men is a delightful fantasy sequel with a strong cast and a powerful story line.  Rotating perspective, Sarah Monette and Elizabeth Bear strip away the pretenses of anthropomorphic animals as well as a poignat look at the second and third order effects of winning a war.  Action-packed yet character driven, sub-genre fans will this engaging military fantasy.

Harriet Klausner

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