A Devil Named Desire-Terry Garey

A Devil Named Desire

Terry Garey

Avon, Jan 31 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9780061986406


Gabriel the Lightbringer archangel asks his fallen brother Samael Divine if taking Eve was worth the cost.  Sammy says yes but feels the Father was unfair to damn him but forgive the fools in the Garden.  Gabriel asks him if he ever loved; Sammy responds no but believes his sibling needs a realistic view of humanity.


In Atlanta web designer Hope Henderson slashed her wrists after two years of anguish over her missing younger sister Charity.  Sammy tells her Charity is alive, but Hope owes her life to him as she begged for the darkness when she tried to kill herself.  He offers her a deal.  She builds him a special web site by transcribing the Ars Goetia Key of Solomon that will enable his demons to cross over in exchange for her finding her sister.


Gabriel notices a woman with a bright halo and the darkness following her.  He follows her, but when Hope sees Gabriel she ignores him, which shocks the archangel.  He says he is a guardian and will protect her but unsure of from what. Gabriel is concerned with his feelings for Hope.  Sammy tells him Hope belongs to him.  Gabriel warns Sammy not to hurt Hope; as the archangel falls in love with this fallen human and he better understands why Sammy fell for temptation.


The story line focuses on the battle between Satan and Gabriel but contains several interesting twists including a deftly developed romance as Sammy knows there is a cost to comingling with the humans and a surprising offspring.  Although the action is somewhat muted by a deep psychological look at the key characters, fans will appreciate this creative archangel romance.


Harriet Klausner


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