Deep Sleep: If Your Secrets Don’t Kill You, Your Dreams Will-DyAnna Durbin

Deep Sleep: If Your Secrets Don’t Kill You, Your Dreams Will

DyAnna Durbin

P.L.U.M. Readers, May 12 2011, $12.95

ISBN: 9780615306339


In 2006, architect Joel Lee Keys inherited 72 acres in Beaufort, South Carolina.  He had no interest in the barrier island as his job and life kept him in Atlanta.  However, a promotion to the firm’s new Savannah office has Joel and his fiancée Holly moving into the Beaufort house.


After arriving on his ancestral island, they go skinny dipping; Holly feels welcomed while Joel feels rejection as if the water loathed him.  That first night while Holly sleeps like a baby, Joel suffers from a horrific nightmare.  Three days later Holly is comfortable while Joel is burning up and out of control.  He curses and chokes her.  In the mirror he sees James and Rosa Lee together in 1942 though Joel fails to comprehend who they are, the year or what he observes.  With the help of her best friend Adrian, his girlfriend Carmen and Erin, Holly begins the war for her beloved against an unknown malevolence; as his true family inheritance is the curse brought upon the clan by their wickedness culminating with the trial for his soul.


This is an exciting creepy horror thriller with a gothic location even if the house is 1970s, an odd seventy-nine years old native son Ned “Silent Night” neighbor, and the wickedness of the WW II era.  Joel is the target of revenge for what happened in the 1940s; courageous Holly and her brave dedicated loyal band risk their souls to save his.  Readers will enjoy the taut trial of Joel Lee Keys as Shakespeare says in The Merchant of Venice: “The sins of the father are to be laid upon the children.”


Harriet Klausner


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