The Cat Star Chronicles: Stud-Cheryl Brooks

The Cat Star Chronicles: Stud

Cheryl Brooks

Sourcebooks, Feb 7 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9781402251689


Though the species is near extinction due to ethnic cleansing, throughout the galaxy, Zetithian males are renowned for their sexual prowess of giving pleasure to females of all races.  The legendary king of sexual pleasure is Tarq Zulveidinoe; women cherish his special touch.  Ironically he lacks esteem outside of sex; so his mission to save his race is to take care of females everywhere.


On Talus Five, Lucinda Force has lived a lifetime being told by her selfish family that no man will ever desire a plain looking woman like her.  Working at her father’s Mediterranean-style restaurant, Lucy wants romantic love, but expects to live and die alone.  Tarq smells her before entering the restaurant.  When she asks what he wants, he says a “full order of you.”  She recognizes him from his TV commercial of offering to service human females in order to repopulate his dying species.  However, he knows he can no longer get his double joint up for other clients since he smelled his Lucy.


The latest Cat Star Chronicles Zetithian science fiction romance is an exhilarating entry that reads like a gender twisting of the previous tale Virgin.  Since the overarching theme of the early chronicles involving who committed the atrocity of the pandemic destruction of a race and their planet was resolved in Hero, this Zetithian focuses on the relationship between a Stud who as the hero knows Colonel Sanders’ secret formula and a Virgin who knows Greek and Italian cuisine.  Series fans will enjoy the latest sexcapades in the Brooks galaxy.


Harriet Klausner


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